Broadcast Your Tunes

Foxpad is an easy way to broadcast your music from your favorite music platform. Music is synchronized through the browser, enabling anyone to listen in real-time. Perfect for the livestream that requires a seamless jam session.

How It Works

Step One

Connect to your favorite music platform via Foxpad. This will allow you to stream all your favorite playlists straight from your account.

Step Two

Once connected, hit the "Start Broadcast" button to begin streaming. Users will be able to listen in via browser for an uninterrupted, seamless jam session.

Step Three

Share your broadcast! Copy your link, share via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, to expand your audience.

About Us

This project stimulated from the need for an accessible, uninterrupted way of broadcasting your own music for livestreams. With Foxpad, anyone can sign up and start streaming within minutes.

We recognize the need for a quick, intuitive way to improve your livestream's music. Foxpad is aimed at the small, local businessperson who wants to provide an enjoyable experience for his or her customer. Whether you are a dance instructor, yoga teacher, or fitness trainer, don't let your livestreams' ambience be deterred by poor music quality.